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We highly recommend Simon Sinek’s Ted talk about ‘Why.’


Ok, here goes:

At M Source we like to do excellent work, that’s challenging, useful, and hopefully, fun.
We also really admire start-up types, entrepreneur folks and business peeps.

Lots of people talk about stuff, some people actually do some of it. That would be you.

If you’re reading this, you fit the bill.
Not only business types but social entrepreneur types, too.

So we admire you and want to share our experience and toolkit to help you get where you want to go.



We think People are People (not merely ‘consumers’)

So we respect businesses that respect people.

No, we’re not socialists – that probably isn’t happening; it’s been tried and found empty.

But we think business has to be a genuine force for good in the world.

And human creativity, courage and compassion are the only way we’re all moving forward together.

So, businesses have to be doing some good, in some way.

And more than just the minimum required; something real, something meaningful.

In Big ways, Small ways, and Medium ways – it doesn’t matter.

Yes, that much talked about concept – socially responsible, is what we mean.


Now we’ll get off our soapbox.