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M Source has been around since 2008.  We’re a small group of folks (OK, it’s mostly Kenso and me!)

who live in the world of B2B marketing.

We like, no, love making things happen for our clients.


Based in the northern NYC ‘burbs, we’re tapped into the thriving

marketing-tech scene here.  Of course, we collaborate with an

ad-hoc group of talent.

Web developers, designers and copy-writers.


Our technology partner is Hubspot, out of Boston.  We’re super excited to work with them.

They’re the leading SAAS marketing automation provider to medium-sized businesses.


So, we’re small, nimble and we try harder, yada yada…



Are we a good fit for you?


We’re best suited to medium-sized food, food service and related businesses.

That want to grow distribution and sales in existing or new channels.

Especially in these industries.


We really do try harder, though!


A heart-to-heart about tech.

You may have been wading through a lot of stuff about marketing automation,

sales automation, content marketing, and SEO.  Analytics, lead nurturing etc, etc.

Us too.  These are some steep learning curves.

And there are many, so, many, marketing tech product ‘solutions’ out there,

check out this amazing infographic on the marketing technology landscape.


We get it. We’ve been there.  We are there.
You’ve been through the mill to find someone to trust, something to trust.
That really is a good fit to move your business forward.

Let’s see if we can offer you some clarity, about what actually works in B2B marketing.

From our 20 plus years experience using both traditional and digital tools.


Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with us, today.


We’re easy to talk to.

More of a Duo than a Team

Lionel is from the U.K. but has spent his marketing life in California and New York where I’m now based (suburbs).
Quite often, Lionel returns to England to see family and stuff and see if the weather has improved. It hasn’t! However the food has gotten a lot better

I’ve spent the last two decades solving hard B2B marketing problems in the consumer products and foodservice space, with a variety of companies and with M Source since I founded it in 2008.

I’ve published articles and given talks about different aspects of retail and marketing over the years, including at these organizations:

Fordham University: The Foundry business incubator
State Universities of New York Auxiliary Services
International Conference of Shopping Centers
Embry Riddle Airport Retail conferences
Airport Revenue News

M Source is a Hubspot Partner Agency and we’re certified in Inbound marketing.

Lionel Binnie

Founder and C.E.O.

Kenso Trabing is a rabidly curious (not that he’s weird or anything) web developer from the New York City burbs. Namely, Ossining, New York.
Active in the WordPress community (the leading Open Source Website platform), he is always running around to one conference or another.
For example, he’s been a volunteer at U.S. Word Camp and a Word Camp NYC Sponsor.

Kenso has spoken on Search Engine Optimization and other web topics at:
TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon
WordPress Westchester meetup
WordPress North New Jersey meetup

Kenso also holds multiple certifications from Google Analytics Academy.

Kenso Trabing

Lead Developer