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You’ve probably heard that a lot – we have, too.


Here’s some perspective to frame the whole Inbound thing.

The way buyers discover & research products has fundamentally changed.

For reals.


Your Buyer is You.


They probably think a lot like you,

when considering new suppliers.

More about Inbound:


The Inbound perspective comes from some realizations that B2B and B2C marketers have come

to, now that digital disruption is no longer disruption. It’s  just our present reality.

Traditional interruptive marketing (TV Ads, online pop-up ads, print ads, anything the buyer hasn’t

asked for) has become increasingly ineffective.  Sorry!


According to Google, “Business buyers do not contact suppliers directly

until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete.”

Meaning that they’ve thoroughly researched your space online.


They’ll have read downloaded content like eBooks, white Papers, vendor comparisons,

case studies and the like.

And they’ll probably have checked in with industry discussion groups

and social medial feeds about the topic.


Well before ever needing, or wanting to speak to a salesperson.


Your buyer is moving down a path, through a process of self-education.

From awareness, of problem or need, to consideration of possible solutions.  

And, we hope, ending with our favorite thing – a purchase decision!   

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Moving from being strangers, to visitors (to your website) to leads, customers and if we all do a terrific job, promoters.

Sort of like this:

snip arrow
InBM Child page funnel graphic

Content & Context


Content is pretty important.  OK, very important.


The purpose of your content is to help your prospective buyer move down that path.

The right type of content for the stage they’re at.


It needs to solve their problems and answer their questions.

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Quality content is thoughtful (as in thought-leadership)

and useful to your audience.

Based on their level of understanding of the

problem or opportunity they face.


It’s  also empathic; it looks at the process from the buyer’s viewpoint, rather than yours.


Entertaining helps a lot, too. Readable.


And, importantly, it will be different based on where prospects are on that buyer’s journey; Awareness, Consideration, or Decision stage.


Context is aligning your content to your audience.

Based on where they are now, and where you would like them

to be next, on the buyer’s journey.

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arrow 1How we can help you with Inbound Marketing:

At MSource we provide consulting and services to take you from where you are now, in Inbound and digital marketing, to where you’d like to be.

We use the most powerful marketing software available for Small to Medium sized businesses; Hubspot.

We’re Hubspot certified.
We use it for our business and we’re trained to use it for yours.


We work with business management, and those responsible for marketing and sales to help you achieve your growth goals.
We play well with others; we’re delighted to work with your existing marketing and sales team, complementing your in-house or outsourced resources.


Our service areas, below, include consulting about goals, methods and software.  And actually creating content; developing messaging, copy-writing, web design and running lead-generating campaigns.

Call us today for a free consultation.


Thought Leadership
Messaging – Copy


Web Pages
Landing Pages


Social Media
Discussion Groups


Sales Alerts


E-mail Campaigns
Contact List Segmenting

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